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This section will provide you with all the latest news from the team, including new products, sponsor information, news from the road, and much more...

5/26/2008 Event News:
Just got back from our stunt shows at Texas Heat Wave in San Antonio where myself (Big Scott), Zach Shockey, and Crazy Mike King performed stunt shows on Saturday and Sunday. Man, they don't call these events "Texas Heat Wave" for nothing, with the entire weekend being over 100 degrees!!! We will be performing at the rest of the Heat Wave tour this year with four more stops which include Houston, Ennis, Austin, and Corpus Christi, check out for more info. Earlier this month I had the chance to perform with ex-teamstunters team rider Eric Hoenshell up at House of Kawasaki's Open House on May 3rd. in Oklahoma City. The performance spot was very small, but we both ended up splitting everyones wigs all day at the event with autograph sessions after each show. I am sure I will be back next year for their open house again... We also performed at Watts Yamaha's Open House on May 17th in Lubbock, and everyone there enjoyed the shows including the entire staff at Watts.
On an event note:
-Big Scott

4/30/2008 Event News:
We just finished up the April 26th. 2008 weekend, where the team performed our stunt shows at two different events the same weekend. Everything went well at both events, with the team putting on great shows throughout the weekend!!! We have also added pictures from the Honda Suzuki North Stunt Show in the "Event Pics" section of the site, so go check them out. I know I have been slacking on posting up in this section of the site, but we have been super busy this spring. We have already knocked out about 10 shows so far this year, and we are pretty much booked solid until the middle of June 2008. Hopefully, we will see some of our friends and fans while we are on the road this year, so we will see ya at the next event....
On an event note:
-Big Scott

12/18/2007 Team News: Streetbike Freestyle signs our 2nd year contract with Icon Motorsports as the Protective Gear and Apparel Sponsor for the 2008 season. ICON has the best in stunt protective gear and apparel for stuntriders and street riders alike, so make sure and check the products out at your local motorcycle dealer today, or online at

click here for the ICON Motorsports website

ON an event note: We will be traveling to Stuntwars 2008 (January 8th-13th. 2008) which is located at USA speedway in Lakeland, Florida. The entire team will be competing for top spot, so if you are at the event, make sure to stop at our vendor booth setup, and/or chat with the team riders in the pit area.
Clutch It Up....
-Big Scott

8/1/2007 Team News:

The team just returned from Evel Knievel Days located in Butte, Montana. After over 3500 miles, multiple breakdowns in the bus to and from, and performing a total of 6 stunt shows throughout 3 days, we are all exhausted... The people in Butte were great, and treated the entire team with alot of respect and enjoyed every show we put on. Matt Lindamood, Zach Shockey, and Crazy Mike performed all of the shows with Big Scott announcing (while he is still on the injured list) on the mic the whole week. Fensty (photographer) came along for the ride to document the trip for Super Streetbike magazine, and our boy Brad "LB3" also came along to help with the videoing of the entire week of festivities for our upcoming DVD which will drop next summer in 2008. Thanks again to Evel Knievel Days for having us up there and treating us well... I am sure we will be back again next year...

ON an event note: We will be at the SCORCHER 8 event located in McAllen, Texas September 2nd. 2007.
Until next time....
-Big Scott

7/2/2007 News:
I know it has been awhile since I posted up on the news part of the website, but myself and the team have been super busy with shows and traveling the last couple of months now.... I am still outta commission from my wrist injury back in February and just got my second cast off last week, and not have to wear a splint for another 4 weeks.... Hopefully, I will be back on a bike doing shows before summer is over...
On an event note:
Our next event is the 3rd week of July, and we will be performing at the Texas heat wave car show event in Austin, Texas. This is the biggest THW event all year, so stop by and check us out if you are in the area...
-Big Scott

Crazy Mike King joins
We would like to welcome "Crazy Mike" King to the team here at Mike has been riding 2 wheel vehicles most of his life, and has dedicated the last three years to mastering streetbike freestyle. We will be helping perfect his talent this year, and years to come...

Stay tuned here for more information, photos, videos of Crazy Mike and the rest of the team...

Mike, Welcome to the team!!!

2/22/2007 News:
Oops..... Big Scott did it again....
Right when he gets off of his ankle injury, Scott goes down once again in a fluke accident while practicing for an upcoming event. Big Scott breaks his collar bone, his left wrist, and gashes up his right knee.... another 6 weeks to recover.... get well soon!
On an event note:
Our next event is coming up quick, and we will be performing at the Texas heat wave car show event in South padre Island over the first weekend of March. Stop by and check us out if you are in the area...

2/16/2007 Sponsor News:
Big Scott picks up HoHeyDesigns as a sponsor for the upcoming year. Ho Hey Designs will be providing Big Scott with his Handbrake brackets for his stuntbikes. Check out all their products at

2/11/2007 News:
I have been updating the site a bit this past weekend, added a new pictures page to the site, with updated photos from the past couple of months, so make sure and check thme out. We also plan to add an additional photo's section of the site that will have event, lifestyle, and practice pictures from all of the events we travel to... stay tuned
-Big Scott

1/17/2007 News: Streetbike Freestyle rider Matt Lindamood places 3rd at StuntWars in the Longest Stoppie event! Matt rolled 559 foot from a limited 300 foot approach. Matt rolled on his front wheel nearly double his take off approach.... hats off to him!!!!

Matt L longest stoppie at Stuntwars

1/6/2007 News:
We are heading over to Florida tommorrow for the annual event STUNTWARS that is taking place January 10-14th in Lakeland, Florida. If your in the area, make sure and stop by and check out the event and say hi. Wish Matt Lindamood luck as he competes against the best in the nation for longest stoppie. Zach Shockey will be competing in individual freestyle,and Big Scott will be in attendance but unfortunately injured his ankle, and will be unable to compete this year. We will have a full booth setup at the event, so make sure and stop by and say hello.....

1/3/2007 News: Streetbike Freestyle picks up Icon Motorsports as the Protective Gear and Apparel Sponsor for the 2007 season. ICON is coming out with some pretty sick stuff, so make sure and check the products out at your local motorcycle dealer today, or online at

click here for the ICON Motorsports website

11/13/06 News:

Make sure and pick up the latest copy to see the "Hanging With" article in the December issue of Super Streetbike Magazine. The article talks about how Big Scott started with streetbikes, and how he got into stuntriding, and follows his progression to where he stands today.
Thanks to Matt "Fensty" Fenstermacher for the photos, and Jason Robinson for the write up!
click here for the press page

10/10/06 News:

Congrats to Big Scott for scoring the "Hot Shot" in the November issue of Super Streetbike Magazine. Stay tuned for the upcoming January 2007 issue of the magazine for a full 5 page "Hanging With" article about Big Scott and Those Crazy Texans at
Thanks to Matt "Fensty" Fenstermacher for the shot and continued support!
click here for Bigger Hot Shot pic

8/17/2006 TEAM NEWS:

Thanks to John Guate for the new paintjob on Big Scott's 'Texas Flag' themed stunt bike. This will be the paint he will be rocking for the 2007 upcoming season. You can check out John's website out at:

click here for Those Crazy Texans DVD Ordering

Sit Back and prepare to be entertained by the Crew featuring Big Scott, Matt Lindamood, and Zach Shockey as they take you for the ride of your life. Watch as they tear up the local stunt spots, head south of the border to hit the streets, and travel cross-country to hang with some of the best stuntriders in the world! This video is jammed full of never before seen crazy crashes, hot chicks, sick tricks, and funny pranks. Shot on location in Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Florida, and Mexico, with a soundtrack from some of the best bands in Dallas, "THOSE CRAZY TEXANS" is a video that ranks among the best of its kind!


Music by A Dying Faith, Leroy The Prophet, Jacknife, and '100 Proof' of Pimpadelic.

Reserve your copy here ---> STUNTERS Store

7.4.06 - 'Those Crazy Texans' DVD Trailer Released: (Right Click, and "Save As")
Those Crazy Texans DVD Trailer

We have also dedicated a myspace page for the film and info on the premiere party going down this summer in Dallas, you can check: for more info on the event.
-The Team rocks the house at the USHRA Ultimate Thrill Show
January 21st. 2006.
Matt Lindamood and 'Big' Scott Harmon get the opportunity to perform in front of 42,000 fans at the USHRA Ultimate Thrill Show at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. They performed Streetbike Freestyle alongside FMX riders, and car crash drivers Mark Hager and Brad Baldino. Alongside Matt and Big Scott, were 'Crazy" Dan Jackson, Brando Patton, Aaron 'Shank' Venable, and Keith 'Paw Paw' Buesing. All six riders performed as best they could with the surface being the slickest they have rode to date. Thanks to all the friends and fans that made it out to the event, we appreciate the support!!!! Also, thanks to Thomas Evans for hookin it up!!!

Stay tuned for an article write-up in Super Streetbike Magazine in the next 2 months. Fensty was also in the house documenting the event as it unfolded, check out his pics in the upcoming SSB article.

-Big Scott

Zach Shockey joins
We would like to welcome Zach Shockey to the team here at Zach has been riding bikes most of his life, and just recently dedicated alot of time to mastering the art of stuntriding. We will be helping perfect his skills this year, and years to come...

Zach will be making an appearance in our upcoming film entitled "Those Crazy Texans" due out in Spring/Summer 2006. Stay tuned here for more information, photos, videos of Zach and the rest of the team...

Zach, Welcome to the team!!!

Matt L gets Super Streetbike Magazine Sik Pik of the Week
Matt L gets Super Streetbike Magazine "Sik Pik of the Week."

Congrats Matt!!!

That's how you pick up girls......

10/12/2005 TEAM NEWS:

The official launch of the website. We also changed the name of the team from Next Level Entertainment to, as we have also always been knows as the STUNTERS.COM Team, and the numerous copy cat named teams that have been spawning the past year............
Make sure to browse around the website, and take advantage of all of our features, and check out some of our videos that we have produced. We are also booking shows for the upcoming 2006 season, so if you are interested in us performing at your event, please contact Big Scott, or visit our Booking page. Thanks to all of our fans, that have supported us over the years, and to all of the new people that are here checking us out for the first time. We appreciate your support!!!

In the near future, we will be offering TEAM shirts, and hats, so make sure to stop back to check all of our merchandise out, and in the meantime, if you are looking for the best and latest in Stunt Riding clothing, check out the merchandise available from HERE.

Team Rider Matt Lindamood, just finished getting his bike all prepped for 2006, stay tuned for more pictures and video of him... (check out his bike below)

4/5/2005 TEAM NEWS:

theXperience: Mexico Film is almost finished, and the release is set for Saturday May 21st.(day before my B-day) 2005. The film will debut at "Manhattan's" in Arlington, Texas. Doors will open at 7:00 pm and the release will start promptly at 9:00 pm. Manhattan's is at the corner of highway 360 and Lamar Street in Arlington Texas.... you can't miss it......
This party will be 18 and up, and FREE ADMISSION (remember to get your video at the release). We will have all of merchandise available for purchase along with "theXperience: Mexico" film and tshirts at the party.
We will also have free giveaways, and well as naked girls running around the your chicks).....
special guests include: Darius Kashabi (Servin It Up films) and CBO (Way Of Life & Street Sessions films), as well as all of the riders in this film... including Big Scott (of, Brando and Ray Patton (, Lee Houston(, FENSTY(photographer for, and P-Nut.

Manhattan's address:
2501 E. Lamar Blvd.
Arlington, TX 76006

ORDER THE FILM NOW, click here

4/27/2005 TEAM NEWS:

Just wanted to say thanks to my newest sponsor Jay over at I just received my helmet that he has been working on the past couple of weeks. I shipped off a helmet to him not knowing really how I wanted it airbrushed and painted. All I asked is that he incorporate my "Texas Themed" style, and When I opened the box, I was truly amazed at the fine airbrushing, and overall look of the work and design. The helmet looks great, and already, have had plenty of compliments on the paintjob! I also appreciate the quick turnaround.

If you are looking to have your helmet airbrushed and/or painted(he also paints bikes, cars/trucks, pretty much everything).... JayGrafx is the place!

-Big Scott

Click Here for JayGrafx website
Check out some additional pics of the helmet below: (click images for bigger view)

2/18/2005 TEAM NEWS:

The STUNTERS.COM TEAM just returned from attending the 'STUNTWARS 2005' event that was held in Lakeland, Florida over the February 18-20th weekend. Here, Big Scott unveiled his new custom painted bike, that incoporated his home state. and Texas Flag theme....

11/18/2004 TEAM NEWS:

The STUNTERS.COM TEAM just returned from attending the 'Battle in the South' event that was held in Montgomery, Alabama over the November 11-13th weekend. We had a great time, and Atlanta Freestyle did a great job hosting the event and taking care of us while we were there... special thanks to Becca. At this event STUNTERS.COM's Owner Scott, part of competed for his first time ever. He did a good job competing and winning second place in Amateur 3 minute Freestyle. He also competed in Team event alongside Code Blue Stunt Team, and also in Longest Stoppie. You can also plan on a new and crazy video starring Scott alongside Brando (Brandon Patton), Lee Houston, and P-Nut (Strictly Vertical) entitled "theXperience: Mexico" made available from Productions. This film should become available in Spring of 2005.

"I'M SORRY" and "Eat.Sleep.Stunt" T-shirts are in stock now, and ready to ship, as well as the *New* Crashing Sucks and ARREST ME Hoodies.
We also have the infamous "ARREST ME" shirts in stock again, so act fast before theses shirts are sold out again. We also just received shipment of CBO's "Street Session" DVD, and they are available among others in the store.

Click here for merchandise



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